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I came to realize who my true friends are . . .

Roman, age 17 – Skagit County Juvenile Detention

I came to realize who my true friends are.  I found this out by ending up in Juvie and I was able to see who actually cared.   There were quite a few that I never would have thought to actually be there.  I was pretty disappointed that a few people I called my homies still haven’t even asked my mom or anyone how I have been.  Now I realize that this life I’m living is not how I want to live.  I’d rather be with my girlfriend and my family . . . rather than running around these streets . . . The more I write and read aloud, I’ve noticed I’m saying and writing down things I’d never think about saying.


Written in response to a prompt asking what the students had learned while being in Juvenile Detention.  As generative models, the students had read poems by Mahmoud Darwish and Adam Zagajewski.

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