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Dirty Tin Foil . . .

Anonymous, age 16 - Skagit County Juvenile Detention

Dirty Tin Foil

Proof of a recent escape from the chains
that depression has imprisoned her in.
Dark streaks cover the less reflective
side of the foil like scars implanted
in the worn skin of a war veteran.
But the war I fight is greater than
them all.  My battle is with addiction.

Throughout my entire teen years,
I have been in a non-stop
spiral of pleasure, false relief,
and immeasurable pain.
The sickness from opiates and their
withdrawals have left me a hollow
shell of an already hollow person.
I am, literally, broken.


Written in response to a prompt given after reading Martin Espada’s “The Right Hand of a Mexican Farmworker in Somerset County, Maryland.”

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