I am a field worker . . .


Juan – Migrant Leaders Club

I Am Poem

I AM a FieldWorker and tired. 
I wonder if they are going to change the rules.
I hear voices planning to march.
I see water but it’s a mirage
I want to be rich
I AM a field worker and tired.

I pretend to work so I don't get kicked out of the fields
I feel tired of working and my back hurts
I touch water
I worry for my little sisters (who are like my kids) and my mom
I get frustrated and cry because my kids do bad stuff
I AM a FieldWorker and tired.

I am polite to my kids when they listen
I understand when my kids get in trouble
I tell my sisters to get a good job
I dream that the world is going to be better
I try to do my best
I hope that someday people get paid equally
I AM a FieldWorker and tired.

In the workshop, students had been reading Juan Felipe Herrera and excerpts from Dreamfields (2012), an anthology of writings by the Migrant Youth Leaders.


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