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Thinking . . .

Josh, age 17 - Skagit County Juvenile Detention / Green Hill School

Thinking . . .

So I'm in deep depression now
There's nothing I can do about it
I've been sleeping all day
I get real tired when I'm this way.
I start thinking and thinking
And my mind goes crazy.
I get the same thought
Over and over--
What would things be like if
I ended my life today?
I stare, and I stare
I think about everyone
Who loves me, hates me,
Who wouldn't care
If I just disappeared one day
I think and I think--
Wouldn't it be better if it all
Just went away?


Written in response to a dialogue about honesty, and a discussion/sampling--via correspondence--of various texts, including Raymond Carver and Emily Dickinson.

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