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Donate supplies.
Composition books, pencils, and notebook paper are always in demand.  Other supplies are often needed as well.  Contact us for a list of supply needs.

Donate books | The Change
The Change book pipeline (named by one of Underground Writing’s first students) helps our students have access to good literature. The Change serves our five sites, as well as Green Hill Academic School Library (Juvenile Prison in Chehalis, WA). If you would like to donate to a particular site, please contact us for a list of book needs.

Thanks to Easton’s Books (Mount Vernon), Red Door Thrift Shoppe (Anacortes, WA), Open Books (Seattle, WA), and Pam and James Hoyle for your founding donations.

Spread the word about Underground Writing. 
Please help us network by mentioning our work to your family and friends. Tell them why you’re enthusiastic about the work we do, and ask them to check out our website.

Stay connected and informed via The Underground Writing Podcast.
Listen to the podcast. Send feedback. Give us a good review on iTunes and other podcast outlets.

Connect with us on social media.
We’d love for you to “follow” and “like” us on social media.  We’re on Facebook and Instagram.   Please give us a shout-out when you can.

Sign up for our newsletter.
Our newsletter is sent bi-monthly and includes short updates about our work. You can sign up for our newsletter on our Contact page.

Visit our events.
We’d love to see you at our events: public readings, sponsored film screenings, and guest speakers.  We’ll announce these events via social media, our newsletter, and The Underground Writing Podcast.

Become a Patron.
Our Patrons are a beautiful group of sustaining donors who give monthly or annually to Underground Writing because they believe that writing has the power to change lives.  

Our Patrons give for many reasons.  Haley’s a donor who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  She became a monthly donor in 2018, and told us recently, “I think one of the biggest reasons that I support the work of Underground Writing is because I am working daily with adults that have no healthy coping mechanisms to process their trauma and that struggle to find the space needed in order to do so. I believe that the work of Underground Writing and the tools that they offer to the students will be key in their students’ healing process . . . Small but consistent giving can be such an uplifting gift, both financially and as an encouragement that people believe in what you’re doing.”

Donate to help us continue our transformative work.

Volunteer with us.
We have a variety of volunteer pathways—for both local and non-local people.  Please contact us for a list of current opportunities.

Contact us.
Connect with us and start a dialogue.

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