Writing workshops


I’ve been inspired to be a part of Underground Writing or a similar group/organization when I get out.  This program changes lives.  I am a prime example.  I now have something to work towards, to strive for.  I have something I want on the outs.”
     —Josh, Skagit Co. Juvenile Detention site
“I’m not scared to say what I think anymore.”
     —Selena, Migrant Leaders Club site
“I never thought I’d write again, or think things through in this way.  The workshops have helped me process my life and recharge my interest in reading, too.”
     —Robin, Skagit Valley Recovery Community site

“I like writing because it lets me express my feelings, and it lets the reader know who I am.”
Xaiviar, YMCA Oasis Daylight Center site

“I’ve been inside for four to five months now and have been distracting myself pretty well. This writing class is the first time I’ve engaged with the real issues I’m facing.”
T., Skagit Co. Community Justice Center site



Skagit County Juvenile Detention
Mount Vernon, Washington

Migrant Leaders Club – Mount Vernon School District
Mount Vernon, Washington

Skagit Valley Recovery Community
Skagit Valley, Washington

YMCA Oasis Daylight Center
Mount Vernon, Washington

Skagit County Community Justice Center
Mount Vernon, Washington

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