The day after the What No One Ever Tells You book launch, Matt and Alvin enjoy/labor over a piece from the YMCA Oasis Daylight Center site that afters the poem REVERB by poet Robert Rottet.

Matt shares updates from UW’s collaboration with the Washington State Arts Commission, as well as information regarding HIDDEN TRUTH, the upcoming showcase from the Migrant Leaders Club. Also, an update from One Year Writing in the Margins, an initiative challenging teachers and writers to spend one year facilitating creative writing workshops in at-risk community settings.

Note: We are a creative writing program serving at-risk populations. We do not broadcast names or identifying details of the students we work with.


What No One Ever Tells You
YMCA Oasis Daylight Center
Robert Rottet
Stargazing in Washington
ArtsWA - Washington State Arts Commission
Hidden Truth, March 5 at the Lincoln Theatre
One Year Writing in the Margins

Underground Writing: a literature-based creative writing program serving migrant, incarcerated, recovery, and other at-risk communities in Northern Washington through literary engagement and personal restoration.


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