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This City is a Map

Matt and Alvin read a piece from the Skagit County Community Justice Center that chronicles a whole life: yearning, passion, destruction, hope, and hesitation. This piece afters a poem of the same title by Anna Kamienska (1920-1986).

This episode is the first using our own equipment, purchased with support by Red Door Thrift Shop of Anacortes, Washington.


Anna Kamieńska
Anna Kamieńska - Notebooks 1
Anna Kamieńska - Notebooks 2
Anna Kamieńska - Notebooks 3
Red Door Thrift Shop
When the Dust Rises
Black Heron Press
Emancipated Stories

Underground Writing: a literature-based creative writing program serving migrant, incarcerated, recovery, and other at-risk communities in northern Washington through literacy and personal transformation.


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